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New AC Installation

New AC installation might be the most vital part of building a house in our part of the country. When you put your heart and soul into building the home of your dreams, or updating your current home, you do not want to leave the installation of your air conditioning to just anyone. As a local AC company since 1999, we are the top choice for new AC installation in the area. We will share our knowledge to help you choose the right size and model for your home and give you a free quote before any work begins. Call our residential air conditioning company today!

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Air Conditioning Installation Service

As you are going through the crucial steps involved in building your house, you won’t get very far down the list before you make it to AC installation. This is a key part of not only making your new home livable, but will also go a long way towards making other parts of your new house last for years. A good air conditioning system will keep the mold away, keep your paint looking right and prevent rotting in your drywall and stud wood. If there is one place that you cannot afford to take chances when building, it is new AC installation. So, whether you are updating your current space or it is new construction, choose us for this vital part of your home.

Throughout the installation process we will make sure you know that we are as fair as we are skilled in installing air conditioning. We know that having a licensed, local AC contractor that is honest when dealing with clients will mean a lot to you, and our service and skill will show you why we should always be your very first choice. Remember, for a free and fair estimate, your first call should always be to us.

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Our AC installation company is well versed on how blazing hot Florida summers can be. When we work with you on your AC installation, we will strive to create a long standing relationship by making sure you are pleased with the work we do. Our licensed and well trained contractors will not only expertly install your air conditioning system, but will also make sure the service we provide leaves a good impression. Having rapport with our clients is almost as important as the central AC installation itself. We will always be on call to help you maintain your system.

When we say we do quality workmanship done right the first time, we mean it. We know how important having a new air conditioning system installed is to your comfort, and your sanity, and we do everything in our power to give you one for as long as possible! Call to set up your new AC installation today!

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We perform new AC installation in Lakeland, Auburndale, Winter Haven and all nearby areas.

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